How to build wear-resistant concrete floor?

The requirements of wear-resistant floor to concrete floor

  • The strength is not less than C25, and no early strength agent is added in the commercial concrete.
  • The slump is 6-8cm.
  • It has good workability, the concrete surface can be pulped, and the flatness after shrinkage is 5mm.
  • The concrete is poured and compacted, especially at the edges and corners.
  • It is required to adopt road construction, with accurate elevation, straight formwork, and no tilting inward.
  • Ensure that there is no rain during construction. Avoid freezing and foggy days during the construction period.

Construction steps:

After the concrete is poured for 4-5 hours, workers should remove the bleeding on the concrete surface in advance. When workers step on with their feet and leave 3-5mm footprints, You can start the construction. First, use the mechanical trowel equipped with the disc machine to float the concrete surface. The pulp is destroyed evenly. Sprinkle the ground hardener on the surface of the newly set concrete soil twice.

  1. In the first and second times, you must wear special aluminum shoes when dusting and troweling to prevent uneven surfaces. Sponge water absorber is used to absorb water on the surface to ensure uniform water content on the body and increase light collection speed. , Shorten the light-receiving time to ensure the strength and hardness of the hardened floor. (1) After the first dose of 60% is spread, use a mechanical trowel to polish to make the hardened material and the concrete closely combined. (2) After the first hardened material is polished by a mechanical trowel and closely combined with the concrete, immediately spread the remaining 40% of the material on the first hardened material. After the surface is wet, use the mechanical trowel to polish again to harden. The material is closely combined with the concrete, and the ground is flattened with a mechanical trowel and finished.
  2. Curing-about 5-6 hours after construction, the curing agent is applied to the surface to prevent the rapid evaporation of water on the surface of the floor, to ensure the stable growth of the strength of the wear-resistant material, and to avoid minor pollution, To ensure that the body does not crack. A fence is not allowed to enter at will, and the curing period is seven days.
  3. Start-up time—it depends on the surrounding temperature and the strength of the concrete. Generally speaking, it can be opened after 24-40 hours, light trucks can drive after 7-10 days, and can be used commonly after 28 days.

Precautions for construction of wear-resistant materials

  1. Wear flat shoes before and after the construction of wear-resistant materials, and wear waterproof paper shoes in the later stage.
  2. The powder must be removed evenly (including 60% for the first time and 40% for the second time). After removing the wear-resistant material, use a ruler to smooth it. After the corners are processed by hand trowel, there should be no noticeable knife marks.
  • The workers who dust the powder for the first time must wear aluminum mesh shoes.
  • There should be no mechanical knife marks in the finished area.
  • Workers must handle the joint between the block and the block correctly, and there must be no defects.
  • Workers must evenly coat the curing agent.