How to choose a floor grinder?

Ground grinder is mainly used for ground grinding treatment. It can effectively polish terrazzo, concrete surface, epoxy mortar layer, and old epoxy ground. It has the characteristics of lightness, flexibility, and high work efficiency. With a vacuum cleaner power socket, the vacuum cleaner power cord can be directly connected to the grinder, avoid the trouble of two power cords during work, an ideal equipment for floor engineering. Now there are more and more floor grinders on the market, and many people do not know how to choose a floor grinder.
How to choose a floor grinder?
We must first look at the motor of a floor grinder. Generally, the power of the motor ranges from 7.5KW to 15KW. A high-power motor is easy to start and has a strong load capacity and a fast speed increase, and it saves electricity than a low-power motor with the same load. Moreover, the power of the motor increases; the weight of the machine will increase. The ground will be smoother. However, if the power is too high, it will damage the motor, which is overloaded, and the motor’s life is greatly reduced. The standard power of the motor is generally 80% of the limit power. After a period of time, the limited power will cause irreversible damage to the motor.
Secondly, we have to look at the grinding disc of the floor grinder. Floor grinding machines are divided into integrated machines and separators.
As for the all-in-one machine, gears and bearings can be effectively protected during the grinding process because of its structure.
Floor grinding machines are divided into square machines and round machines. The grinding disc of the square machine rotates oppositely when grinding, and the ground is smoother. The grinding disc of the circular machine rotates in reverse, and the grinding force is stronger. There is also the area of ​​the grinding disc, which is directly related to your working area.
The last thing is to look at the area of ​​your project. When buying a floor grinder, you should choose according to your actual needs.