Seal curing agent construction process

Concrete sealing curing agent implement curing agent construction after concrete curing for 15 days.

Polish the base surface:

Use a professional concrete grinder to polish the ground to expose the concrete’s clean and fresh texture. The purpose of this is to remove the original ground garbage, dust, and scum so that more pores appear on the surface so that the concrete sealing curing agent can penetrate more and better into the ground.

Clean the base surface and level the ground:

After a full-scale polishing with 100# epoxy resin polishing pad for at least two times, you can use clean water for moistening treatment, polish it or directly water it with water, and clean the base surface to remove the cement capillary. In this way, the ground will ultimately expose the cement pores.

Spray penetrating sealing and hardening material:

spray evenly on the dry ground after polishing and clean up (amount per square: 0.25kg~0.3kg), after about 2~4 hours, or when the surface becomes viscous, clean with water The whole base surface, clear all the water, let it dry naturally for more than 12 hours. (Purpose: For the permeable sealing hardening material to penetrate the ground more fully, react more fully, and produce more hard substances)

Cleaning the base surface:

After completing the procedure (3) 2~4 hours after construction, moisten, and clean the ground. (Purpose: Use the water penetration ability to bring the material into a deeper layer. To clean the material on the surface of the accumulation, the purpose: to prevent the reaction residue from forming white spots that are difficult to clean), and finally clean it with water.

Preliminary polishing:

Use a professional polishing machine with a 300# epoxy resin grinding disc to perform a comprehensive polishing for 2 to 3 times (you can use clean water for moisturizing and then polishing or directly with water for polishing), and perform preliminary polishing on the overall base surface.

Comprehensive polishing:

Use a professional grinding machine with 500# to 1000# epoxy resin grinding discs to thoroughly polish the ground 2~3 times. You can also use clean water to moisten it and polish it or directly water it with water to shine the whole. It feels smooth and shiny until it appears.

Remarks: The first construction process of colored emery floor is changed to “use a professional grinder with 500 mesh epoxy resin grinding disc” (Prevent scratching the bottom).